You are a prisoner in an Arena, you have to fight for the public"s amusement, and try to survive and gain enough power to break free.Choose between 4 different Characters, earn money, entertain the public for money and xp bonus, level up, buy better weapon and equipments, pick up monsters drops... and stay alive! Controls:Mouse for Hero"s orientation, left click to attack.WASD or ARROWS to move.Press CTRL or SPACE to activate the Special Ability of the Character.click SHIFT to raise the shield (Warrior and Cleric only), click it another time to put it away.(you can choose between the two key sets in the menu and in the pause screen. default is WASD + SHIFT + SPACE)M to toggle Music, X to toggle sounds, P to Pause.*** NOTE: There is a training mode, where you can gain confidence with the controls, which are difficult at the beginning but allow the maximum effectiveness in combat: you can walk in a direction and attack in another. Training mode is available after you select your character.

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